Re: Ezmlm and MHonArc permissions problem

1999-02-25 17:40:08
On February 25, 1999 at 13:10, Unfurl wrote:

I saw this post on the mailing list and thought it was a great idea. I
am having a bit of a problem implementing it though. When ever I call it
I get an error :

Unknown option: outdir /home/www/outdir

I have tried a million ways and have evn put this option on the command
line with the program (which works).

I am not sure where I went wrong. Can you lend any assistance?

There is a typo in the example I gave.  The problem is highlighted below:

    ## Call MHonArc functions to add message.  We just specify all the
    ## options we want here since this is a custom version and not intended
    ## to be called interactively.
    '-outdir, $dir'
--------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PROBLEM
    ) ? exit(0) : exit($mhonarc::CODE);

The line should be:

        '-outdir', $dir

I did say the program was untested ;^)


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