MHonArc and Eudora

1999-02-24 11:29:07
I've recently started using MHonArc to convert and archive our group's status
reports which are sent via e-mail to an account.  That account is managed on a
PC using Eudora 4.0.  Some of our people create ascii files on unix systems and
send the file as an attachment.  Eudora has some interesting features when this
is done.  As an example, the message comes into the Eudora mailbox with the

             Content-Type: multipart/mixed;

Now the entire message is text, however the file *was* as an attachment with a
small accompanying message that is typed in with the MUA.  The odd thing is, is
that all of the remaining MIME headers are gone... so that when MHonArc
encounters a message like this, it does not know what to do with it.  I end up
with an HTML file who's body is:

      Could not process message with given Content-Type: multipart/mixed;

It's all just text, and it is all there.  So I look in the mailbox file and find
Eudora is throwing away the MIME headers and boundaries.  This occurs if the
attachment are HTML, too.  When the message is plain text i.e. the main mail
header shows: 

             Content-Type: text/plain;....

All is well and good with the world.  I've seen the discussion on the majordomo
list that speaks of eudora problems, however I've not found anything pertaining
to this specific issue.  I've also spent some time with Eudora attempting to see
if there was some setting that would allow keeping the MIME headers and
boundaries.  Has anybody out there had similar issues to deal with and is there
anything that can be done?  Any pointers are greatly appreciated in advance!!!

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