Re: Ezmlm and MHonArc permissions problem

1999-02-18 14:39:36
On February 18, 1999 at 19:44, Phil Watkinson wrote:

So, month 1 may have files msg00000 to, say, msg00400; then I want to 
mhonarc to start from msg00401 when creating the new archive for month 2.
Hope you get the idea. I've had a look at the docs, and even a browse in
the source and it looks like this feature is not available.

Requires code modification.  Something would have to be added so
the user can specify the starting number of an archive.

Anyone trying to do the same thing? Or reasons why its not a good idea?

The main problem is with index filenames and database filenames.  In
order to support multiple archives in the same directory, you will
have to be careful to set the appropriate resources so the database
filename and index filenames are unique for each archive to avoid
stepping on each other.

Beacuse of the above problem, it is probably a bad idea to try to
do it.


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