Re: Folder with sub-directories

1999-04-20 14:00:09
On April 20, 1999 at 15:48, "Mark Hampton" wrote:

Does MHonArc support sub-folders in the Netscape format?  I'd like to be
able to point the tool at the top level of the mail folder and have an
auto-generated HTML interface to the seperate sub-folders.  Does MHonArc
support this behaviour ? 

The actual mail messages in Netscape are stored in UUCP-style files,
so MHonArc can process those directly.  Netscape uses a separate
index file for allow quicker listing/access capability to the files.
Note, unless you do a "Compress" in Netscape, running MHonArc on
the raw mbox files may convert messages that you thought were deleted.

To handle sub-folders, you will need a simple, small front-end that
recurses through the Netscape mail directory, and pass the various mbox
files to MHonArc.


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