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1999-04-20 14:03:49
On April 20, 1999 at 10:26, Nathaniel Irons wrote:

I'm contemplating setting up a badly-needed archive for a great big list,
which unfortunately has been partially overrun by a crew of jabbering
chuckleheads.  There's a lot of good information flying around, but the list
is ridiculously high-traffic already (on the order of at least 100K/day), and
a good chunk of the excess traffic is BS from idiots.  The list maintainers
aren't real interested in moderating.

If you will be archiving high volume, you will probably want to
do monthly (or something similiar) based archiving to avoid performance
issues.  Also, archive updates should probably be done via cron.

I'm looking for input or infrastructure on mhonarc-savvy, CGI-based killfiles
and I'd like to talk to anyone who's worked on or contemplated a similar
notion.  I don't have the time just now to build such a thing from scratch,
but I will in a month or so, and I'd like to do it as intelligently as

Procmail is probably your best bet.  Its sole purpose is to filter
mail.  Many use procmail as a front-end filter to mhonarc.


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