Re: killfiles

1999-04-20 21:40:17
On 4/20/99 at 11:25 AM, ehood(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu (Earl 
Hood) wrote:

If you will be archiving high volume, you will probably want to
do monthly (or something similiar) based archiving to avoid performance
issues.  Also, archive updates should probably be done via cron.

Thank you.  In fact, I'd settled on weekly archives.

I'm looking for input or infrastructure on mhonarc-savvy, CGI-based
killfiles , and I'd like to talk to anyone who's worked on or
contemplated a similar notion.  I don't have the time just now to
build such a thing from scratch, but I will in a month or so, and
I'd like to do it as intelligently as possible.

Procmail is probably your best bet.  Its sole purpose is to filter
mail.  Many use procmail as a front-end filter to mhonarc.

Yes, I'm using procmail.  

I do not own the mailing list in question, and my problem is not spam or
anything I can unilaterally reject.  It's just a propensity for off-topic
drivel and pointless arguments.  Were I were dealing with a usenet group, I
would personally choose to forego the possibility of any useful information
from about half a dozen contributors, and block their messages from my sight. 
Others, most likely, would choose a different set of contributors to block.

However, I'm not dealing with a usenet group, I'm dealing with a mailing list. 
Its volume is such that even when subscribed in digest mode, a 30K batch of
messages arrives every 2-4 hours.  Being technically oriented, it desperately
needs a public archive to cut down on repetitive questions; being populated in
part by idiots, it needs a way to electively filter them out.  

MHonArc, I'm discovering, is a rich and fabulous tool for generating and
making archives, but it apparently lacks this additional component of
selectivity.  I'd like to help fill that gap, and to that end, I'd like to
know if I need to start from scratch, or if I'd be well-served to build on the
work of others.

My assumption in posting is that there are more lists in the world like mine,
and that a general set of CGI tools for creating dynamic, user-specific
killfiles on mhonarc archives would be a positive contribution.  If my
assumption is flawed, or if I've missed a more straightforward way to meet my
goals, I will certainly appreciate hearing about that, too.

Thank you for your time.


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