1999-04-20 13:24:31
I'm contemplating setting up a badly-needed archive for a great big list,
which unfortunately has been partially overrun by a crew of jabbering
chuckleheads.  There's a lot of good information flying around, but the list
is ridiculously high-traffic already (on the order of at least 100K/day), and
a good chunk of the excess traffic is BS from idiots.  The list maintainers
aren't real interested in moderating.

I'm looking for input or infrastructure on mhonarc-savvy, CGI-based killfiles,
and I'd like to talk to anyone who's worked on or contemplated a similar
notion.  I don't have the time just now to build such a thing from scratch,
but I will in a month or so, and I'd like to do it as intelligently as

One of the things I like about the idea of a server-side killfile is that the
killfilee can get an up-to-the-minute display of how many people have elected
to ignore everything he or she writes, or conversely, how many have chosen to
highlight their comments.  That strikes me as a positive social contribution.

I was a little surprised to find nothing along these lines in the archives. 
Has anyone tackled it before?  



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