Re: killfiles

1999-04-20 22:12:34
MHonArc, I'm discovering, is a rich and fabulous tool for generating and
making archives, but it apparently lacks this additional component of
selectivity.  I'd like to help fill that gap, and to that end, I'd like to
know if I need to start from scratch, or if I'd be well-served to build on the
work of others.

My assumption in posting is that there are more lists in the world like mine,
and that a general set of CGI tools for creating dynamic, user-specific
killfiles on mhonarc archives would be a positive contribution.  If my
assumption is flawed, or if I've missed a more straightforward way to meet my
goals, I will certainly appreciate hearing about that, too.

I think the difference between what you want and Earl is suggesting is 
per user filtering vs. global filtering (but I may be misinterpreting).

I don't know of any current implementations that do this kind of thing, but
I suppose that you could 

   o wrap all HTML displays with a CGI script
   o store user preferences (or their personal "kills" in a cookie
   o have a Web interface to set user preferences
   o have the CGI pull their cookie and dynamically display appropriate

This could be included within a search engine for greater extensibility.

But I think you'd be on your own with this -- like I said, I'm not familiar
with anything out there like it.


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