Re: How to create otherindexes

1999-04-30 17:06:51
If I recall, one thing you can do is to have multiple OTHERINDEXES
resources in your main .rc file and refer to a distinct auxiliary .rc file
in each one.  You get up to two indexes per OTHERINDEXES resource declared
(auxiliary .rc file), up to one pseudo-main index and up to one
pseudo-thread index.  You may also be able to chain them by declaring an
OTHERINDEXES resource in your auxiliary .rc file.  Fun with Perl!

On the other hand, you may be able to meet all needs for a date index with
your first MAIN index and all needs for a subject index by your first
THREAD index, leaving only the author index to be generated via OTHERINDEXES.


At 04:10 PM 4/30/99 -0500, Tam Vuong wrote:
Hi mhonarc people,

I am a newbie and I want to  create other indexes beside the main and thread

Date, Author, Subject.

I try to use the otherindexes but I can only have one of the above either
Subject or Author or Date.

I cannot have them all.

Is it possible that I can have them all and how to ?

I have confusion of using the <otherindexes> .

Thanks in advance.

Tam Vuong

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