Converting entire directories on Windows NT

1999-04-30 17:24:29
        I scoured the archive for an answer so I hope this is not a
duplicate.  I just installed Mhonarc on an NT server with the hopes of
converting some NTList log files to HTML.  NTList (the listserver product
for NT Mail) stores a given days messages in a file.  For example, today is
LL990411.log.  I want to be able to point Mhonarc at a directory and have it
convert all the log files in the directory.
        Here is my problem: under Windows 95, I can point mhonarc at the
directory and use a *.log wildcard.  It successfully finds and converts all
the files for a given list.  
For example,    perl mhonarc e:\logfiles\*.log 

However, the exact same syntax under NT returns "No such file or directory."
I can, however, aim Mhonarc at a specific log file and it works properly.
If I aim at just the logfile directory (perl mhonarc e:\logfiles) , the
response reads "No New Messages."  Because the logfiles can contain more
than one message, the mhpattern resource does not seem to be the answer.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Kronbach

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