Re: Converting entire directories on Windows NT

1999-05-25 15:36:44
On April 30, 1999 at 16:59, "Kronbach,Charles" wrote:

      I scoured the archive for an answer so I hope this is not a
duplicate.  I just installed Mhonarc on an NT server with the hopes of
converting some NTList log files to HTML.  NTList (the listserver product
for NT Mail) stores a given days messages in a file.  For example, today is
LL990411.log.  I want to be able to point Mhonarc at a directory and have it
convert all the log files in the directory.
      Here is my problem: under Windows 95, I can point mhonarc at the
directory and use a *.log wildcard.  It successfully finds and converts all
the files for a given list.  
For example,  perl mhonarc e:\logfiles\*.log 

However, the exact same syntax under NT returns "No such file or directory."

Are you using a different version of perl under NT?  The DOS shell on
under Windows does not do filename globbing (ie. "*" does not get
expanded).  Hence, some ports of perl under Windows handle filename
globbing before executing a Perl program.

Try getting ActivePerl from activestate.  It should handling filename
globbing in program arguments and it works under Win9x and NT.


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