Pre-processing messages

1999-05-04 07:59:20
I know this question has been asked before, but the answers I found
in archive searches didn't offer me any obvious solutions, so here

I want to pre-process my messages to do a bit of tidying up: mainly
removing the list sig which is appended to each message, but also
stripping out multiple blank or null lines (where n>3).  It's about
half-a-dozen lines of Perl.

I dunno if I could do this with Procmail, but that's a non-starter
anyway since I'm using DOS rather than UNIX.

Currently, I'm doing it rather crudely by dumping a processed version
of the mbox into a temp file, and feeding that into Mhonarc: it
works, but seems ugly.

I was thinking of using a wrapper to the text/plain filter,
specified using the <MIMEFILTERS> resource ... but can't quite
figure out how to do that.

I can see that I need to set a resource

text/plain; my_text_plain::sigstrip;

... but I can't quite figure what to do in

Has anyone got any code which they could post, which might help me on
my way?



Claire McNab -- Claire(_at_)siberia(_dot_)demon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk

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