version 2.3.3 savemem bug? (and a few other possible bugs)

1999-05-04 07:59:27
I have been reconfiguring my archives to make the layout conform
with the rest of my site, which I redesigned a few months ago, and
took the opportunity to upgrade to v2.3.3 of Mhonarc. I really like
the new features, but implementing them has not been smooth,and I
think I have found a few bugs :(

First, the archived messages were generated without the subject
appearing as the headline.  My outputted msg files just contained:


This occurred regardless of whether I modified the <SubjectHeader>
resource: I got the same result both by omitting any definition of
it from my rcfile and by explictly including the default definition.
Other uses of the $SUBJECTNA$ resource variable worked fine.

After a lot of futile hacking of my rcfile, I discovered that it
depended on whether I was using the -savemem commandline flag: with
-savemem, there was no subject; without it, the subject is there.
This was replicated consistently with several message folders (all
Mbox format), ranging in size from seven to 300 messages; it
was consistent with several rcfiles, and also with no rcfile used.

I am using Mhonarc 2.3.3 with the DJGPP port of Perl5.004_02 under
MSDOS 6.22: the results are consistent whether I run it under raw
DOS, or in a windowed or full-screen DOS session under WfWG3.11.
I haven't found any other problems with this Perl setup.

The other odd thing which is happening involves the $msg$ resource

All uses of $MSG(TFIRST)$ and $MSG(PARENT)$ consistently return a
null value (""), which makes 'em rather useless :(

Even if they worked, I can't find ways of conditionally setting the
buttons for several of these values: it's very useful to have
resources such as <TNEXTBUTTON> and <TNEXTBUTTONIA> ... but I can
find no equivalent for other possible values of $BUTTON$:
FIRST, LAST, TFIRST, TLAST, PARENT.  Could this be addressed in the
next version?

Best wishes,

Claire McNab -- Claire(_at_)siberia(_dot_)demon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk

"I cannot leave the future alone.  I don't want it to go wonky"
-- Margaret Thatcher

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