Re: umask and mode of files created by mhonarc rw-------

1999-05-10 11:13:54
Francois Felix Ingrand wrote:

Actually, adding:


in .rc fixed the pb... For some reasons, I overlooked this variable when
looking for the solution first.

Well, i try (MHonArc 2.3.3) to generate files with exec rights
(-rwxr-xr-x) but it looks like UMASK ignores 'x'... UMASK 022 creates
files with -rw-r--r-- !

with UMASK 0 -> rw- instead of rwx
           1 -> rw- ok            
           2 -> r-- instead of r-x
           3 -> r-- ok
           4 -> -w- instead of -wx
           5 -> -w- ok
           6 -> --- instead of --x
           7 -> --- ok

am i wrong about what UMASK does ?
how can i have my files set to -rwxr-xr-x (755) ?

thanks for your help,


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