Re: Mhonarc stripping email addy

1999-06-07 18:09:59
On June 5, 1999 at 19:35, someone wrote:

    I run Mhonarc monthly to archive a mailing list that I run, and I
must say, I've been extremely pleased with its speed, ease of use, and
reliability.  I recently had a small problem with it though: SPAM.  It
seems someone went to the archive and harvested over a dozen
subscribers' email addresses.  A question: Does mhonarch currently, or
will it ever provide an option to remove all email addresses from the
emails?  This doesn't seem like it'd be a difficult feature to
implement, but I'm no perl hacker, so I wouldn't have a clue about where
to begin.  Any ideas?

Spam issues have come up on the mhonarc mailing list a few times, so
you may want to search the list archives for information.

Here are few tips:

    o   Use EXCS resource to exclude the entire message header and
        roll your own (simple) message header with the use of resource
        variables (excluding the variables that give full address information).

    o   Modify MSGPGBEGIN to not inlude the <LINK> tag listing the message

A couple of other features will be added in the next release to help
against address harvesters.

Another item to note is message bodies.  Since message body data is
handled by filter functions, there is currently no direct resource that
can mask out any addresses in message bodies.  One approach is to not
do anything and leave it up to senders to not include there address in
the message body.  Another is to modify the filters to support an
address-stripping option.  Unfortunately, there are a few filters that
this may be applicable to.  A third option is that mhonarc can do a
strip on the final converted message body.  This has the advantage of
providing the feature in a central area.  The potential problem is that
valid non-address data could get removed.  This problem may be neglible
for most uses.


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