Re: marc-search.cgi "find all" problem

1999-07-01 15:08:56
Does anyone have a fix to a problem which has long plagued me, namely,
that when one searches one's mail archives with marc-search.cgi, using the
"find all of these words" (boolean AND) option, one is only returned
messages which match all the words ON A SINGLE LINE.  This is extremely
misleading and furthermore, not what the help says should happen.  Thanks
very much.

I don't know much about march-search, but the default in glimpse is to
do exactly what you say.  However, glimpse 4.0 (don't know about 3.6)
allows the entire body to be searched by adding the -W flag.  From

       -W     The default for Boolean AND queries  is  that  they
              cover  one  record (the default for a record is one
              line) at a time.  For example,  glimpse  'good;bad'
              will  output  all  lines containing both 'good' and
              'bad'.  The -W option changes the scope of Booleans
              to  be  the whole file.  Within a file glimpse will
              output all matches to any  of  the  patterns.   So,
              glimpse  -W  'good;bad'  will output all lines con-
              taining 'good' or 'bad', but  only  in  files  that
              contain both patterns.  The NOT operator '~' can be
              used only with -W.  It is described later on.   The
              OR operator is essentially unaffected (unless it is
              in combination with the other Boolean  operations).
              For  structured  queries,  the  scope is always the
              whole attribute or file.

So if you can find the glimpse commandline arguments, adding -W
will probably solve your problem.


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