Re: marc-search.cgi "find all" problem

1999-07-06 14:55:10
On July 1, 1999 at 15:51, Leif Neve wrote:

Does anyone have a fix to a problem which has long plagued me, namely,
that when one searches one's mail archives with marc-search.cgi, using the
"find all of these words" (boolean AND) option, one is only returned
messages which match all the words ON A SINGLE LINE.  This is extremely
misleading and furthermore, not what the help says should happen.  Thanks
very much.

It appears marc-search.cgi works on a line-by-line basis.

I do not know if Eric maintains marc-search anymore.  A while back, he
requested I move the marc-search files under my web space after he left
UCI so the program will still be available.  Since marc-search is under
the GPL, anybody can pick up on its maintaince.  I can still make any
updates/fixes available from the MHonArc homepage.


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