stricter parsing of "^From somebody(_at_)somewhere DATE" line ...

1999-07-05 08:37:39
Dear all,

I had a few No Subject messages in one of my archives, and they kept becoming
more and more of them, all containing the same text. After some head
scratching, I noticed that it was caused by the following text in the body of
the message (in Unix inbox format):

have a look at

From here, you should also be able to reach the RCS logs files which might be

The point is that '^From ' is taken as the start of a new message. I imagine
that this is not all that uncommon, and would suggest that parsing of message
separators should be more stringent. I suppose MHonArc laudibly tries to
cater for as many broken formats as possible, so maybe it could be done in
the form of a command line option?

(BTW, in faq/usage.html, I find under 'Why am I getting "Could not parse date
for message ..."?', the note:

  You may also want to see: <a href="archive.html#split">Why does a message get
  split into mulitple messages with no headers?</a>

which is unfortunately not part of the distribution).  Ah  well, cheers,


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