Re: stricter parsing of "^From somebody(_at_)somewhere DATE" line ...

1999-07-05 17:29:56
On July 5, 1999 at 13:37, Philip Lijnzaad wrote:

The point is that '^From ' is taken as the start of a new message. I imagine
that this is not all that uncommon, and would suggest that parsing of message
separators should be more stringent. I suppose MHonArc laudibly tries to
cater for as many broken formats as possible, so maybe it could be done in
the form of a command line option?

Look at the MSGSEP resource.  I will not change the default setting
since it may break working configurations of existing users.

(BTW, in faq/usage.html, I find under 'Why am I getting "Could not parse date
for message ..."?', the note:

  You may also want to see: <a href="archive.html#split">Why does a message g
  split into mulitple messages with no headers?</a>

which is unfortunately not part of the distribution).  Ah  well, cheers,

The FAQ is included in the distribution.  If you start with index.html
in the doc directory, you will be given a link to the reference manaul
and the FAQ.  Note, the FAQ will get installed with the reference


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