Re: PS: stricter parsing of "^From somebody(_at_)somewhere DATE" line ...

1999-07-05 18:15:08
This will not matter either, unless mhonarc is being invoked incorrectly.
If piping stdin and using -add in a alias, mhonarc treats the data
as a single message, so MSGSEP is not used.  However, if you put
" -- - " as mhonarc arguments, then you may have problems.

OK, you learn something new every day...  :)

I believe there is also a way to turn on Content-Length, but I do
not know the sendmail option off-hand.  If Content-Length is properly
defined, then you can set the CONLEN resources to avoid message
splitting problems.

For what it's worth (and I hesitate to post it to the whole list, but
decided I'd go ahead so people don't bark up the wrong tree) sendmail
doesn't deal with any Content-Length: headers whatsoever.  The only
exception is the Sun distributed version.

However, one can add a Content-Length: header with everyone's favorite
tool, procmail.  :)  Here's a recipe borrowed from David Tamkin about
9 moons ago:

  :0fhw # B won't help; size conditions ignore H and B flags on the :0 line
  * ! ^Content-Length:.*[0-9]
  * 1^1 B ?? >1
  | formail -a "Content-Length:  $="

So if you want to count on Content-Length, the message could be
piped into procmail with a specific procmailrc file which would 
do this counting and then call MHonArc.