Re: PS: stricter parsing of "^From somebody(_at_)somewhere DATE" line ...

1999-07-06 13:51:31
On July 5, 1999 at 18:07, Christopher Lindsey wrote:

However, one can add a Content-Length: header with everyone's favorite
tool, procmail.  :)  Here's a recipe borrowed from David Tamkin about
9 moons ago:

  :0fhw # B won't help; size conditions ignore H and B flags on the :0 line
  * ! ^Content-Length:.*[0-9]
  * 1^1 B ?? >1
  | formail -a "Content-Length:  $="

If procmail is used as your local delivery agent (which I believe is
the norm for various Linux distributions), couldn't it be configured
to add the Content-Length during local delivery?

If any one can confirm the syntax to do such a thing,
I could add it to the FAQ dealing with the split message problem.