Re: PS: stricter parsing of "^From somebody(_at_)somewhere DATE" line ...

1999-07-05 17:29:56
On July 5, 1999 at 12:32, Christopher Lindsey wrote:

But...  You say that your MTA is adding '> ' before From lines in message
bodies, so I don't really understand how MHonArc can be picking it up
as a new message start.  Is the mail received on the same system?  
I guess it also depends on the method used to call mhonarc, too.  If
you're just piping into it via an alias, then it makes sense that it
wouldn't have the escaped From lines.

This will not matter either, unless mhonarc is being invoked incorrectly.
If piping stdin and using -add in a alias, mhonarc treats the data
as a single message, so MSGSEP is not used.  However, if you put
" -- - " as mhonarc arguments, then you may have problems.

Anyhow, try the new MSGSEP definition.  And if escaped From lines
in message bodies is a problem to you, turn off the F=E flag for your
Mlocal definition in the file (but be careful; this could
break local delivery if using /bin/mail or somesuch as your LDA).

I believe there is also a way to turn on Content-Length, but I do
not know the sendmail option off-hand.  If Content-Length is properly
defined, then you can set the CONLEN resources to avoid message
splitting problems.