Re: IA in top- and bottomlinks

1999-07-08 16:37:44
On July 8, 1999 at 14:13, hiddink(_at_)sipromicro(_dot_)com wrote:

This is my toplink and bottom link I want to use:

<NextButton chop>
[ <A HREF="$MSG(NEXT)$">Fecha Siguiente</A> ]

You do not nest MHonArc resource elements.  I bet if you look at
the HTML generated, you will see "<NextButton chop>", et al, in
the HTML.  You will have to view the raw HTML since browsers will
ignore unrecognized tags.

Define PrevButton, NextButton, etc outside of TopLinks and BotLinks.
Then use the appropriate resource variables representing the value
of PrevButton, NextButton, etc within TopLinks and BotLinks.

For example, look at the default value of TOPLINKS:

HREF="$IDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$">Date Index</A>][<A
HREF="$TIDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$">Thread Index</A>]

$BUTTON(PREV)$ represents the value set by the PREVBUTTON and PREVBUTTONIA
resources.  Which resource is used depends on the condition: does a
previous message exists?  A similiar relationship exists for

Here is what the docs say about PREVBUTTON:

   PREVBUTTON defines the value for the $BUTTON(PREV)$ resource variable
   when there is a previous message to the current message according to
   the message list order of the main index. See the PREVBUTTONIA for 
   defining the value of $BUTTON(PREV)$ when there is no next message.

Similiar description is given for the other button resources.

When you want to place a button within a message page layout resource,
use the resource variable associated with the button.  The advantage
of this model is that you define the button resources once, but
can place the button in multiple locations (via the resource variable)
without redefining the button for each location.


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