Timeout on waiting for lockfile

1999-08-10 08:39:34


looks like my box is too slow for the archive size. I occasionally get 
the message, that mhonarc couldn't get the lock in time. So I guess it 
is time for th FAQ advice

  NOTE As an archive increases in size, performing updates as a
  message is received takes more processing time.  Therefore, for
  large archives, you may need to do updates through a periodic batch
  process (like via cron(8)) to avoid time-out problems from MHonArc.

Hmm, OK. But how do you do this without creating another race
condition. Is cp atomic, so I can copy the interim mailbox, process it 
with mhonarc, or will a message coming in during the cp operation be
lost, or will this cause a file corruption or such? 


Cc'ed answers appreciated

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