RE: attachement zip/tar/tgz

1999-08-10 08:39:35


I agree/understand with your arguments, however:
- I'm making a local archive, the reason being a firewall.
  So download time is not really an issue, now...
- Most zip-like files only contain a single (msword) document, and
  often the .rtf and .doc. That means that you're downloading too much
- Timestamps are shown in the list archive itself.

The option I'm considering later is simply compressing all files
afterwards, if space becomes an issue or when I am able to provide the
list archive to a larger community. But still I would like to split
things up, as a rule. Realizing that when program source code is
distributed I run into troubles again. Maybe I should only unpack if the 
number of files in the zip-file is larger than 4 (or so).

How can I do that?


sp17(_at_)cornell(_dot_)edu writes:
What I would like is, when an attachment is a .zip, .tar,
.tar.gz or something like that, that it is automatically
unpacked and placed in the "subdir", providing links to these
files in the mail archive.
I use the subsir option.

Would not many users have an application program for these types of
"archive" files configured to launch when their WWW browser downloads them?
I use WinZip on a PC for this and there are WinZip clones for Unix-like
systems, e.g. gxtar, tkarchive, tkzip.

There are at least three good reasons to keep the original composite/
compressed file intact:

- reduced download bandwidth and server storage space (even without
- preservation of permissions and timestamps after download
- only one file to download instead of many

-- SP

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