Re: attachement zip/tar/tgz

1999-08-10 15:02:48
On August 10, 1999 at 08:49, Jos Huisken wrote:

The option I'm considering later is simply compressing all files
afterwards, if space becomes an issue or when I am able to provide the
list archive to a larger community. But still I would like to split
things up, as a rule. Realizing that when program source code is
distributed I run into troubles again. Maybe I should only unpack if the 
number of files in the zip-file is larger than 4 (or so).

How can I do that?

Well, you need to know a little Perl :-)

You can open pipes to programs like gzip, tar, and unzip to do the
uncompression.  You'll probably have to create temp files in some
cases.  I'm unsure if there exists any Perl modules for interfacing to
gzip, tar, and zip files which would make things easier (note, I
believe there is a module for zip files, but it may only work under

Note, you may have to commission someone to do the work if you are
unable to do so.  It appears that noone has developed any filter to do
auto-decompression.  Any decent Perl programmer should be able to
implement the functionality.  The file can serve
as basis for creating the filter for MHonArc.


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