Re: Timeout on waiting for lockfile

1999-08-10 16:11:27
Earl Hood said:

As for where the mail goes until cron kicks of mhonarc, you could
use Procmail (or sendmail directly) to deliver to a spool file
somewhere that mhonarc will process later.  You will need a program
that handles the addition to the spool file in a safe way (which
procmail can do).

I've had to stop invoking MHonArc directly from my procmail recipe 
when the geek-folk at my ISP pointed out that I was beating up the
mail server t0o much.

I now use procmail to deliver the messages to an mbox and run the
little script below to generate my archives.  I don't have cron access 
so I just invoke a shell script (part of which I've put below) to
build the archive.

lockfile is a program provided with the procmail package of stuff.

### lock my incoming mail spool

   lockfile -ml

### move the mbox where procmail delivers the mail to a temp file

   mv $HOME/mail/eb tempbun

### create empty mbox

   touch $HOME/mail/eb

### unlock spool file
   lockfile -mu

### This script massages subject lines andwrites to tempbunf tempbun        

### Invoke mhonarc

   mhonarc -add -outdir $HOME/wwwdir/etherbun \
      -rcfile $HOME/.mhonarc/ether.rc \
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