Re: MHonArc documentation

1999-08-10 18:01:37
On August 10, 1999 at 09:17, David Buckle wrote:

For what its worth,
Maybe it's time for someone (EWH?) to write/publish an O'Reilly butterfly boo

At least they would not have figure out what animal to put on it.

It sure seems like there are a lot of us around who use/abuse the MHonArc cod

I'm not very knowledgable on how O'Reilly decides which books are
worth writing.  I'm sure they get suggestions all the time.  I have
had correspondance with O'Reilly folks on other topics (like Perl),
but such topics definitely had potentially good sized audience.

Personally, I am unsure if MHonArc has that user mass to devote a
an entire book for it.  However, it could be applicable in a book
with a related topic.  For example, the "Mailing Lists" book may
be appropriate to have a section.  I have not looked into the
"Mailing Lists" book in detail, but I figure it would be a good
book to contain several free software packages related to mailing
lists: Majordomo, Procmail, MHonArc.

(Note, I am aware of a Procmail book in the works, but I am unsure
on its status.)

It would be nice
to have a sort of how-to reference for a beginning user.

I agree.

  I would be in the market for several copies for our lab and one for
myself. I wonder how many think its a waste of time.

Suggest something to O'Reilly.  I am doing talk on MHonArc at the
O'Reilly Open Source Conference later this month, but I had no plans to
discuss any book deals.  I am guessing that O'Reilly would have to
believe that such a book could sell X number of copies to justify
commissioning the work for it.


P.S.  Historical Note: MHonArc docs used to contain a PostScript
version for easy printing.  However, when I loss access to FrameMaker,
the source for the docs became HTML.  Therefore, I did not have to rely
on any special tools to maintain the documentation.  I believe the last
time PostScript was included, was in v1.2.3.