Re: MHonArc documentation (was Re: MHonArc/Majordomo)

1999-08-10 10:56:16
For what its worth,
Maybe it's time for someone (EWH?) to write/publish an O'Reilly butterfly book.
It sure seems like there are a lot of us around who use/abuse the MHonArc code.
I have very little time to prod the code or even become sufficiently 
capable with Perl so that I can easily follow all of the steps.  I think that
the recources documentation is almost perfect for quickly locating a method
for performing some arcane task that users at our site request.
We certainly have gained users at this site who know much more about the 
code than I. 
  I am serious about the book idea and suggest it, because the number of
users, who are not nerds, is so rapidly increasing. It would be nice
to have a sort of how-to reference for a beginning user.
  I would be in the market for several copies for our lab and one for
myself. I wonder how many think its a waste of time.
David C. Buckle
Jefferson Laboratory 
Computer Center MS16A 
12000 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA 23606
E-Mail: david(_dot_)buckle(_at_)jlab(_dot_)org

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