Re: Experimental admin tool Mhonarc 2.4.0.

1999-08-12 14:14:59
On August 5, 1999 at 17:54, "Bert Hiddink" wrote:

However, when I want to display an individual message, clicking the 
message-number-link, I get a blank message with the following broken 
HTML code:
Any idea what I am doing wrong here? Is this a file permission 

I think it is a problem with the CGI program.  It had not been touched
in awhile, and some changes in MHonArc broke some stuff.

I just uploaded v2.4.2 of MHonArc last night, and I made some
changes to the admin CGI program that should hopefully make things
work again.  Check it out, and drop me a note if you still have problems.


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