Re: Populating description meta variable

1999-08-12 14:30:23
On August 11, 1999 at 09:52, David Gibbs wrote:

I was wondering if anyone had a good strategy for populating the description
meta variable for the message files?

No easy ones.

I'd like to put *part* of the actual message text in the description
variable so that search engines will synopsize (is that a word?) the
message reasonably well.

Cannot not be easily done right now.  I am contemplating adding
the support for placing a message's header and body anywhere on the
HTML message page.  With this, resource variables would exist
to represent the header and body, so doing something like you desire
would be possible.

The problems I am having with the support of arbitrary placement of
message header and body is dealing with older version HTML message
pages that do not have the proper comment markers for delimiting the
header and body data.  Also, I need to be careful to avoid breaking
some users' configurations that use the comments to constrain search
engines on what gets indexed on a HTML message page.


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