[MHA] Subject prefix

1999-08-12 01:21:12
I've had a couple of requests over the past few months to prepend a
list identifier to the Subject: header on messages sent through
the list to aid in filtering and identification.

Consequently, some time after 5:00pm on Thursday, August 12th (those
times are US/Central) all messages will have [MHA] in the subject.

For those of you archiving the list, the identifier can be removed
by adding this to your rc file:


If you don't want to see the identifier, it can also be removed with
this procmail recipe (assuming that your mail is delivered on a system
with procmail as the local delivery agent or where it can be invoked
via a .forward file):

   * ^Subject: \/.*[MHA].*
      SUBJECT=`echo $MATCH | sed 's/\[MHA\]//'`

      | formail -I "Subject: $SUBJECT"

See PROCMAIL(1) and PROCMAILRC(5) if this doesn't make sense.  


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