Re: [MHA] Subject prefix

1999-08-12 15:34:41
Whoa!  What responses.

Personally, I am currently indifferent on the issue.  There are
times list prefixes annoy me and there are times when they do not
(usually if the prefix is long versus short).

I think there are pros and cons to list prefixes I (and others) can
make arguments either way, and there will be no real ideal solution
since it will eventually come down to individual reading habits and
individual technical ability.

May I make two suggestions:

    1.  Whenever you compose mail, make sure to create a good subject.
        Subjects like "help" or "confused" are useless and are
        probably discarded by most before the message is read.
        Putting a little thought in coming up with the subject text
        of a message will help avoid debates like this one, and
        provide a better chance to get a response.
        (Maybe something like the above advise could be put in the
         welcome message when someone subscribes)

    2.  If you have strong opinions either way, or would like put in a
        "vote" on what you prefer, about list prefixes, send mail to
        myself and/or the list owner (hope you do not mind Chris).
        This way the list does not get cluttered (and encourage
        people to unsubscribe).  Please keep all correspondance civil.
        This is not USENET :-)

For those not familiar with list netiquette, comment/opinion/questions
you may have about the list *itself* should goto the list owner.
For MHonArc, it is mhonarc-owner(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu(_dot_)


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