Re: [MHA] Subject prefix (OT)

1999-08-12 10:43:36
Quoting Werner Teeling (WernerT(_at_)dds(_dot_)nl):
  Christopher (Christopher Lindsey) wrote:

<unlurk>I've been reading this list for quite some time and have drawn, like,
wisdom and stuff from it. MHonArc is a tool I appreciate greatly and use

However: this is not MHonArc-related and I set the reply-to on purpuse, so
here goes...

(...) Why do you step back in technology, clutter the subject line and make
MHonArc archive setup difficulter again. (...)
I admit, I'm one of the people who asked to add something like [MHA] to the
My experience with the automatically filtering of incomming mail is that
one tends to forget to read them.

But that's your/a personal shortcoming. I receive about 250 mails per day. If
I didn't filter them, I'd forget to read them. In fact, I couldn't read them
in a sensible way. Many people today are subscribed to more or less high-level
mailing lists. They probably do the same.

So, postings on  mailinglist I consider important appear in my inbox,
and are filtered into their archive at certain intervals.

Your MUA must be really poor then. My setup is entirely different. I use
<> Gnus, which lets me treat MLs and NGs alike, that is,
mail is filtered /and expired/ just like news. Also, Gnus allows for posting
styles (aka mutt's "folder hooks" or pine's "roles") to deal with mailing
lists in an intelligent way. Moreover, I can assign "levels" to groups
(personal mail is 1, important MLs are 2, NGs are 3 blabla) and show only the
levels I'm interested in (of fetch mail for them, for that matter).

A subject prefix would help to identify the MHonArc messages.

A decent MUA will sort by various things, sender among them. There is no
reason whatsoever to add this <censored>, except stone-age MUAs (which,
strangely enough all run on the worlds worst OS). Ok, so I don't see the [MHA]
part, anyway, because I have Gnus strip it for me. But it's still a dirty
workaround that should be fixed on the client side, not by the ML software.

Did I say that MHonArc kicks ass?
Robin S. Socha <>

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