Re: [MHA] Subject prefix

1999-08-12 07:47:18
On Aug 12 Christopher (Christopher Lindsey) wrote:

Consequently, some time after 5:00pm on Thursday, August 12th (those
times are US/Central) all messages will have [MHA] in the subject.


If you don't want to see the identifier, it can also be removed with
this procmail recipe (assuming that your mail is delivered on a system
with procmail as the local delivery agent or where it can be invoked
via a .forward file):

Why the hell do *I* have to add a procmail recipe like this while other 
users obviously aren't willing to use a procmail recipe to sort the 
incoming MHonArc mail in a separate folder????  If their mail agents 
aren't able to do this in 1999, they should be dumped and replaced by 
a better one which is capable of this now absolutely basic operation!!!!  

Why do you step back in technology, clutter the subject line and make 
MHonArc archive setup difficulter again (one imposed but superfluous 
rule is one too much, imho, see the current documentation thread)?

Sorry, no offense against you as the mailing list manager.  But this 
topic pops up on each and every mailing list again and again and I'm 
a) really tired of it and b) a bit surprised in this particular case 
that you are actually willing to make the change while you apparently 
know better yourself.


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