subject prefix

1999-08-13 09:07:46
Heresy I know but....

Some folks use Windows in one form or another, procmail scripts are a bit
pointless when my mail client is Outlook 2000 on NT. However, I do have the
facility to shift email into different folders based on subject content,
author or various other categories which I do.

The reason we enforce the use of prefixes on our lists is because we have a
lot of newbies and students on the list, before I implemented the prefix
we'd get new users emailing back to the list ranting about people they don't
know sending them email, when of course it came from the list.

However, with mhonarc I'm guessing that the general expertise level is
significantly higher so it probably isn't necessary. I have no preference
one way or another as I move email to the mhonarc folder based on the author
rather than subject but I just thought I'd point out why we use a subject

However, I fail to see the big problem with using a subject prefix even if
you do automatically shift into different folders, hey if you're smart
enough to do that, then you are probably smart enough to cope if there is a

Off to get my flame-proof coat for even mentioning windows.....


Neil O'Brien
Senior Support Engineer
Aonix Customer Support

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