MIME and archive

1999-08-13 14:09:06
Sorry to bug everybody with this probably simple issue :

I want to do the following :

1.  Use MHonArc to generate a archive of HTML documents,  starting from a
listserver mailing list archive file and continuous contributions to the
2.  Also use MHonArc to store the MIME attachements in the mail
messages (in a seperate directory,  stil referenced in the main html files of
the archives created.
3.  What I do not want to do :  is use MHonArc to generate indexes,  I know the
people on the list too well,  they will run so many perl scripts they will blow
the thing into pieces .  
4.  To do searches on this archive I will later use htdig
to index them month by month,  and the total of all months.

Does anybody have a resource file available that does only do that ?
Or can point me out to one,  so ony Archiving,  nothing else.


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