Re: MIME and archive

1999-08-13 16:33:50
[Note, you need to fix how your message-ids are getting generated for
 your mail.  "localhost.localdomain" is not good.]

On August 12, 1999 at 14:12, Jan Honinckx wrote:

1.  Use MHonArc to generate a archive of HTML documents,  starting from a
listserver mailing list archive file and continuous contributions to the
2.  Also use MHonArc to store the MIME attachements in the mail
messages (in a seperate directory,  stil referenced in the main html files of
the archives created.

Do you mean to have all attachments for all messages in the same
subdirectory?  Or, each message has attachments in its own subdirectory?
MHonArc can do the latter, the former would require you to create
a custom filter (the filter can server as a base).  Should
be fairly straight-forward to implement.  See the MIMEFILTERS resource
for more information.

3.  What I do not want to do :  is use MHonArc to generate indexes,  I know t
people on the list too well,  they will run so many perl scripts they will bl
the thing into pieces .  

Check the MAIN and THREAD resources.  You can shut them off so no
index pages are generated.

4.  To do searches on this archive I will later use htdig
to index them month by month,  and the total of all months.

Configuring htdig is outside of the scope of MHonArc.  MHonArc
only provides the ability to hook in the search form(s) to whatever
search engine you choose to use.  You'll have to refer to htdig
docs on how to get it to index your archives.  See the Page Layout
section of the MHonArc documentation on where you can place search
forms in MHonArc pages.

I am aware that there are MHonArc users that use htdig, but I
am unaware if any one has publicly documented how their configuration.


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