MHonArc v2.4.3 available for download

1999-08-16 02:16:56
MHonArc Users,

Hopefully, a third time is a charm.  v2.4.3 is available for download
from <> and
it is coming to a CPAN site near you.  Following are the changes
and bug fixes in v2.4.3:

    o   Added the following resources:

            POSIXSTRFTIME       Use POSIX::strftime() or not for
                                processing time format strings

    o   The "latin[1-6]" character sets defined in the default
        value of CHARSETCONVERTERS.   iso8859::str2sgml modified
        to use proper iso8859 map for specified latin[1-6]

    o   The text/html filter now strips out scripting markup by
        default.  To allow scripting markup to be preserved, the
        "allowscript" option can be used.

    o   Unknown media-types are now treated as application/octet-stream,
        which will invoke the application/octet-stream filter.
        Because of this, an explicit entry for application/octet-stream
        has been added to the default value of MIMEFILTERS.

    o   If in a multipart/alternative entity, and no known media-types
        exists, the last part is treated as application/octet-stream.

    Bug Fixes
    Version:    2.4.2
    Problem:    $*GMTDATE$ and $*LOCALDATE$ expand to the empty string
                if using default time format string settings.
    Solution:   Fixed in

    Version:    2.4.2, and earlier
    Problem:    Multipart processing is done inproperly if nested
                multiparts exist and "outer" multipart entity has a
                boundary which is a substring prefix of an "inner"
                multipart entity.
    Solution:   Fixed in

    Version:    2.4.2, and earlier
    Problem:    Cid URL in multipart/related is not resolved if message
                part being referenced is at a higher "level" (due to
                nested multiparts) than the referrer.
    Solution:   Fixed in

    Version:    2.4.2, and earlier
    Problem:    -tnosort and -tnosubsort should be -notsort and
                -notsubsort.  Also, bogus -tnoreverse and -notgziplinks
                options listed in -help message.
    Solution:   Fixed.

    Version:    2.4.2, and earlier
    Problem:    Charset parameter value not properly extracted when
                no space after value and next parameter
                (Example: charset=us-ascii;name="file.txt").
    Solution:   Fixed in


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