Re: Threading problem

1999-09-23 12:47:28
Hi Earl,
I'm sending you a sample of the maibox as long as the rc file I'm using.
The '<' below is a typo. Sorry for that.


On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Earl Hood wrote:

On September 22, 1999 at 19:00, Serge Patrick KAPTO wrote:

I'm having problems threading a mailling list with MHonarc, V2.4.3.
The list name is prefixed to the subject of messages, and MHonarc consider
the following as 2 different threads:

[List-Name] Subject
[List-Name] Re: Subject

I've used SUBJECTSTRIPCODE as follows.
Is this character actually there?

It removes the list name from the subject lines, but fails to resolves the
thread problems. The explanation may be that the messages are threaded
before the regexp is applied.

Nope.  The stripping occurs right when the message is read.

Can you provide me a sample mailbox (tar/gzip first) mailed directly
to me?  It will then be easier for me to diagnose the problem.


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