Re: Reinstalling MHonArc

1999-09-24 17:36:34
On September 24, 1999 at 13:47, "Stephen Irwin" wrote:

Anyone aware of any issues if I re-install MHonArc over the top of my
current copy? I've been experiencing some problems that I think might be
remedied by a re-install.

What kind of problems?  A re-install (of the same version) should only
be required if MHonArc source files get corrupted (or someone modifies
them by hand and breaks something).

How will this affect my currently archived posts,
maillist.html and mhonarc.db?

If it is the same version, there are no issues.  If it is an older
version you plan to install over a newer version, I highly
recommend that you do *NOT* do this unless you know what you are
doing.  A .mhonarc.db is NOT guaranteed to be backwards compatible,
and this is case from some releases.

If you are installing a newer version, see the RELNOTES file
for any upgrade issues.  The only real bump on upgrading is
when one goes from v2.1.x, and earlier, to a newer release.
The upgrade process is documented in RELNOTES.


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