Threading problem

1999-09-22 18:51:13
Hi All,
I'm having problems threading a mailling list with MHonarc, V2.4.3.
The list name is prefixed to the subject of messages, and MHonarc consider
the following as 2 different threads:

[List-Name] Subject
[List-Name] Re: Subject

I've used SUBJECTSTRIPCODE as follows.
It removes the list name from the subject lines, but fails to resolves the
thread problems. The explanation may be that the messages are threaded
before the regexp is applied.

I've also tried SUBJECTREPLYRXP as follows 
It has absolutely no effect, no matter what I tries, MHonarc considers
only the messages with the same subject as part of a thread.

Can someone help me solve that?


SDNP New York

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