Re: Any interest in supporting a Java search engine for MHo

1999-10-06 06:37:20
On Sat, 2 Oct 1999 8:14:34 +0200
   "Simeon ben Nevel" <snevel(_at_)sonic(_dot_)net> wrote:

Hi Simeon,
I manage a number of mailing lists where people contribute an enormous 
amount of useful information.  Unhappily, due to space limitations at my 
web-host, I can only keep the most recent 3 or 4 months of messages on-

Since I have kept (off-site) virtually every messages since the list 
began, I plan on building an archive on my Linux box and burning the whole 
thing to a CD-Rom.   

The problem is that I wouldn't be able use use a regular cgi-bin based 
search engine (like Wilma/Glimpse or MarcSearch) against the archives on 
the CD-Rom.   

I know of two java based search engines, but I have not tested them 
yet. They are documented in german, but maybe you can do a little 
research on it.

I have since realized that a Java based applet would fill the bill.   

These local search engines are based on java script.

Unhappily, an extensive search has shown that the available 
(commercial/share/free-ware) engines either don't serve my needs or are 
prohibitively expensive (especially as I might be providing copies of the 
archive to 100's of people).     

I asume that at lease one of these search engines is free since it 
was included in a german PGP manual.

If you'd be interested in helping support(fund) and/or develop  
specifications for a MHonArc-specific Java based search engine please drop 
me a note.  If there is sufficient interest, I'll set up a mailing list at 
one of the freebie hosting services where we can hash things out.  

If you think I'm entirely out in left field, forgive the intrusion, but
please *do* drop me a note and tell me why you think this wouldn't work.

I look forward to hearing from interested parties.  

Here is the contact information needed:

S(_at_)lz&amp;Pfeffer-Leicht (S(_at_)lt & Pepper-light)
Copyright (c) 1997-98 bei Rainer Eschen

ORGANON - A free Offline Search Engine
by Stefan R. Mueller, e-mail: smueller(_at_)suchfibel(_dot_)de

Maybe you can find something there on that issue.

I may assist to contact those people since my german seems to be 
better than my english which of course is natural for a native 
speaker <grin>.

With best compliments

           Peter Seitz

  Graz University of Technology, Austria - Fac. f. Civil Engineering
  mailto:seitz(_at_)bzs(_dot_)tu-graz(_dot_)ac(_dot_)at -

            Member of the Pegasus Mail Support Group
Bilingual support at the (Un)Official Pegasus Mail Support Site

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