RE: MHonArc db locked?

1999-10-07 13:11:31
This is the screen print from executing the .bat file that launches MHonArc
from the NT Scheduler and places the converted files in my archive folder.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this problem with the db?
My ISP seems to be stumped.

E:\inetpub\>cd batch


E:\inetpub\\batch>mhonarc.bat -add
d:\mail\\users\airportuser\main.mbx -outdir
Trying to create lock ...

ERROR: Unable to lock
e:\inetpub\\maillist\archive\airport after 10 tries


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I tried running a batch file that launches MHonArc, points it to the mailbox
where my list posts are, and directs it to deposit the converted files in a
specified archive folder but the server kept the db locked. Could a dsn be
locking it for the internet user?

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