Re: Follow-up/References/Botlinks interaction

1999-11-09 02:07:36
"WC" == Wayne Chapeskie <waynec(_at_)spinnaker(_dot_)com> writes:

WC> Some of the example lists given on the MHonArc home page, in particular
WC> the Fvwm and Majordomo examples, somehow seem to get around this.
WC> However, I can't figure out from the HTML source exactly what they are
WC> doing in the resource file to accomplish this.

Hmmm.  Well, those are my lists so I must have done something, but frankly
I'm not sure what.  Those lists are running on a really old version of
MHonArc that has more than a few local hacks applied and frankly I think I
get that behavior because I'm just not using most of the resources you're
talking about.  In fact, the only one I'm using is:


 - J<

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