Mailboxes on servers different from MHonArc

1999-11-10 19:57:24
I run MHonArc on a UNIX web server, i.e. a part of the server provided
by my web hosting ISP. So far I have let MHonArc process mailbox files
that have been stored on the same server, and consequently it has been
easy to simply specify the paths to the files I wanted to process.

Now I wonder which expressions/commands to use to let MHonArc process
other mailbox files. Specifically I'm interested in processing files

1. that are stored on my harddisk (Windows 95)
2. that are stored on other servers to which I have POP3 access.

Regarding 2., I have been recommended to use Net::POP3, but I'm not able
to find out how to use that protocol together with MHonArc.

Any help would be appreciated.


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