Re: Mailboxes on servers different from MHonArc

1999-11-15 17:07:07
Earl Hood wrote:

Attached is a sample Perl program that archives mail using POP.

I used part of the program, and it works fine. Thank you very much for
providing it.

The program has been edited from a real program I wrote inorder
to protect the guilty.  Use at your own risk.

Sure, as always. :-) But, which risks are actually involved in using
Net::POP3 in this way? Are there any differences compared to any
web-based mail client? I'd appreciate your view on this, if not too much

In my previous mail I also asked how to let MHonArc process files
directly from my Windows 95 harddisk when running on a web server. I
imagine that this query is a really newbie one, but I don't know the
answer. Anyone who knows?



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