how do I make sure that a message will be in the direct thread of another?

1999-11-11 13:09:08
Hi, I've made use of the hint Al Gilman has put on the list 1,5 year ago
which tells how to include an 'reply to this mail' button in the
MHonarc-generated list, and it almost works. I only have one problem:
The mails sent by the use of this button always ends up in the 'possible
follow-up(s)'-thread instead of in the direct thread. I've tried lots of
things but the one I thought would work was this:

to this question</a>

and it doesn't work (even though the to- and subject-fields in the new
mail are correct).
The funny thing is that if I tries sending the original mail directly to
myself at the same time as sending it to the list, and then replies to
it from my mail reader (netscape, which is also the one that pops up
when I click on the 'reply to this mail'-button) it ends up in the
direct thread of the original message.
I would be gratefull to anyone who could tell me what I do wrong.
Best regards
Peter Vestergaard

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