Re: how do I make sure that a message will be in the direct thread of another?

1999-11-11 14:18:49
On 11/11/99 at 8:00 PM, posselt(_at_)daimi(_dot_)au(_dot_)dk (Peter Posselt 

I only have one problem: The mails sent by the use of this button
always ends up in the 'possible follow-up(s)'-thread instead of in the
direct thread.

That's going to happen - the "Possible follow-ups" tag is invoked
whenever MHonArc has to resort to Subject matches to identify a thread
member.  Subject-matching is unreliable on some high-volume lists with
people who don't know how to pick good subjects.  

See the TSUBJECTBEG resource; you can set it to be blank to suppress
those warnings (as I did).

to this question</a>

and it doesn't work (even though the to- and subject-fields in the new
mail are correct).

No, it won't work, because the mail client has to know how to parse
those arguments.  A lot of mail clients don't even know how to parse the
"&subject=" argument; to my knowledge there are none which attempt to
add arbitrary headers.

The funny thing is that if I tries sending the original mail directly
to myself at the same time as sending it to the list, and then replies
to it from my mail reader (netscape, which is also the one that pops
up when I click on the 'reply to this mail'-button) it ends up in the
direct thread of the original message.

If I'm following you correctly, you're using a mail client to reply to
an existing message, which likely inserts one or more of the headers
MHonArc uses for reliable threading.  That's not the same thing as using
a mail client to respond to a mailto URL, even if Netscape happens to be
both the mail client and the web browser in question.


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