Re: error messages

1999-11-11 14:11:06
Many shared systems keep perl 4 around for various legacy requirements. 
The convention as far as I've observed it is to name perl4 "perl" and to
name perl 5 "perl5", keeping them segregated.  Try asking `which perl5`
on the command line, and if it gives you a path, try using that path
explicitly to invoke mhonarc instead of trusting the system to do the
right thing.


Actually, after Earl made the suggestion to make sure that Perl 5 was being
executed, I definded its full path on #!. But even this did not work,
because apparently there is some kind of filtering device in the ISP
.procmail setup that will automatically run Perl 4. It was driving me nuts.
BTW, on my question earlier today, I have a feeling that it is just a
permissions problem, but want Earl to confirm that.


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